The benefits of PlainSpoken Communication

A simple process from submission to payment.

Editing by a practicing scientist who can understand your science.

The personal service of an independent editor.

Low prices and fast service.

Free half-page sample edit in under 24 hours.

Complete confidentiality.



What we do

Make the English in your manuscript perfect.

Find out what you really mean, and make sure this is what the reader understands.

Aim for simplicity, but without removing meaning or changing your message.

Make your arguments credible and persuasive - getting your manuscript through peer review and published where you want it to be.



Services we offer

Scientific/technical writing for publication.

Grant writing and consulting.

Any form of editing and proofreading.

Commercial technical/advertising documentation.



Our specialties

A focus on chemistry in its broadest sense (inorganic, organic, physical) and overlapping disciplines (from physics and engineering to pharmacy and biochemistry).

Editing manuscripts from English as a Second Language clients.